We currently have no Appaloosa Colts or stallions available.




REG.NO;- 61487 D.O.B:- 7.10.08 M/HEIGHT:- 14.2-14.3hh
















Dun leopard gelding, broken in and currently turned out. 'Mighty Mouse' as he is affectionately known is oneof those Appaloosas with a "big personality". He just loves being a ridden horse,usually has his nose in everything and has to be kept busy and entertained. He is a beautiful flat mover, always has his ears pricked just waiting to go somewhere and for this reason he is probably not suited to a beginner or nervous rider. He is super athletic and while he doesn't, as of yet have allot of cattle work under his belt he shows allot of interest and a 'want to work' attitude. If he does not sell in the near future I will take him team penning this season. A beautiful loud and flashy gelding with tha typical 'can do' attitude. A hard decsion to offer this bloke up for sale.


SIRE:- Into MIschief AQHA

Docs Spinifex imp

KBs Warlivia

Docs Oak

Roanies Lynx imp

War Beaver imp

Green Olive imp

Doc Bar

Docs Lynx

War Leo

Poco Prince

DAM:- Ky-ean Mighty Frosty Miss

Mighty Storm Eagle

Melville Texas Pride

Mighty Storm Song imp

Crystal Ric

Texas Plaudit imp

Melville Pride

Mr Chairman

Ric O'Lena

Prince Hank













PRICE:- $4500 plus gst



We currently have no Appaloosa Mares or Fillies available.




REG.NO:- 59979 D.O.B:- 24.10.02 M/HEIGHT:- 14.2hh







Probably the best working bred Appaloosa broodmare in the country and one we are not eager to let go of. 

Her sire is the only Appaloosa stallion by Docs Spinifex imp and her dam 'Crystal Ric' achieved Performance results that no other Appaloosa has including National Champion Reining and Working Cowhorse, State Champion at Cutting and won the Yugilbar Cowhorse Cup (the only coloured horse to ever achieve this). This is a very special young mare and one that any serious performance home should be proud to own.



SIRE:- Im A Spinifex

Docs Spinifex imp


Docs Oak

Roanies Lynx imp

Ric O'Lena

King Ranch Dixie AQHA

Doc Bar

Docs Lynx

Roc O'Lena imp

Mentiroso imp

DAM:- Crystal Ric

Ric O'Lena

Double K Saphire AQHA

Roc O'Lena imp AQHA

Shilohs Trinity Sue

King Ranch Quarter Legion imp

Rist Let

Doc O'Lena

Trinity Day imp

Tejano Chico imp














PRICE:- $5000 plus gst Term Payment Plan available to Approved Purchaser,please see bottom of page.




Term payment plans are available on all of the horses that we offer for sale. We have been offering term payment plans for almost 19 years now and have offered them as long as we have been in operation. Following are some basic guidelines to how they operate, for more detailed information please contact us directly.

We have personally written and developed these guidelines over the last 19 years, if you are considering offering Term Payment Plans yourself please do not copy and paste this page to your own website as you will be infringing on copyright laws. 


Our 'Term Payment Plans' are subject to an agreement which incorporates the following basic points:-

  • A non refundable deposit of 20% of the horses purchase price is payable upon agreement of sale. A smaller deposit may be acceptable in special cases, please contact us to discuss options. The horse remains on the open market until we receive this part-payment.
  • The horse in question stays in the possession of Ky-ean Stud until full payment has been received, no exceptions. Full payment includes the purchase price plus gst, agistment, drenching, farrier, vet fees and any applicable gst charges.
  • Payment periods range from 4-16 weeks depending on the purchase price of the horse, our basic payment term period is 3 months. These payment periods can be extended, conditions apply. The payment period varies depending on the purchase price of each horse. The payment period can be extended but once the basic payment period has elapsed the purchaser will be responsible for the feeding and upkeep costs associated with such horse.
  • A minimum monthly payment amount is calculated.
  • Should the purchaser default on the sale in any way no money is refundable in any way, by placing a deposit on a horse you are expressly agreeing to this. If a buyer does default on the sale of a horse, we may at our discretion offer a horse credit to the purchaser, this credit is to be used on a horse of equal or more value then the amount already paid and must be used within 12 months of defaulting on such sale. If a horse is purchased of lesser value using a credit then the balance of the credit is non-refundable, all other costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. This credit is completely at our discretion and may or may not be granted to individual buyers.
  • No interest charges apply during the payment period until the agreed 'payment due date' has elapsed, however the purchaser is responsible for the cost of drenching, dentistry, veterinary and farriery fees if applicable during this payment period.
  • We strongly recommend that purchasers discuss with us insurance for the horse in question during the payment period and transport of such horse to its destination. We can arrange this on their behalf.
  • A full breakdown of payments is available by contacting us.
  • Horses purchased using our payment plans my be at a higher purchase price due to the increased costs for us to maintain such horse during the payment period.

These are the basic points that our 'Term Payment Plans' are structured around, if you would like any further information or would like to discuss options please feel free to contact us.

Potential buyers please be aware that there are allot of imitators out there offering Term Payment Plans. None of them have permission from us to model their agreements off ours or this web site, so please thoroughly investigate any agreement before you agree to such. Our 'Term Payment Agreement' and guidelines have been personally written and developed by ourselves and are copyrighted to such, no exceptions. These payment plans can become mine fields if you become involved with sellers who neither fully understand nor have investigated their responsibilities or those of the purchaser regarding such payment plans. BUYER BEWARE!

INSURANCE FOR HORSES. We strongly recommend to all purchasers that they take out insurance for any horse during the term payment period and/or transport to their destination. We are able to organise insurance on behalf of purchasers.

HOLDING DEPOSITS are available and calculated on 10% of the particular horses purchase price and are non-refundable. A holding deposit will hold a horse from being sold for a 2 week period. If you place a holding deposit and then go through with the purchase the amount of the holding deposit will be deducted off the horses purchase price. Term payment plans are still available in conjunction with a holding deposit being placed.

TERM PAYMENT PLANS are available on all of the horses that we offer for sale. These payment plans are based on a 20% deposit on agreement of sale and an approximate 3 month payment period. The payment period can be extended, conditions apply. The purchaser is not charged any interest during the payment period but is responsible for any drenching, farriery and/or vet fees during such time.