ROPE LEADS 6-10 Foot

These 6-10 foot leads are all constructed from 12mm rope with the correct class one eye splice on one end and a back splice on the other with either rope or leather poppers. Being made from the versatile 12mm rope they have a good weight to them while being super strong.


An Eye splice is basically the loop that is put into the end of either a lead rope or reins whereby you can incorporate a clip or to form a loop to attach to a halter etc. As with all of our ropes we only use the correct class one eye splice, we have never and will never cut the core out of the rope to form a loop as some makers are doing, the popper ends are back spliced and both ends are hand stitched. This stitching is in no way integral to the strength of a correctly spliced rope, the stitching is merely there to hold the outer and inner core of the rope even to prevent possible puckering. If you purchase a rope that has had the core cut from it to form the loop the stitching is all that is holding that loop together! While it is certainly faster and easier to form a loop or attach a clip by cutting the core from the rope the integrity of that loop comes down to the strength of a line of stitching and in an emergency situation or if your horse is pulling back you really do not want to be relying on a line of stitching to stop your horse from possibly flipping over backwards. So regardless of where you purchase your equipment from please ensure that you are getting a product that is correctly constructed with safety in mind. 

New Products For March - ROPE LEADS 6-10 Foot